Our Philosophy
An interior designer has the privilege to design a person's most intimate space, their home. We do not take this honor lightly. We believe our clients know what they need more than anyone else and our job is to translate those needs into a physical reality. We have created a process for design that includes the homeowner in the design process. Our intention is to help homeowners create spaces that support their best selves. These are spaces that promote well-being and holistic balance in body mind and spirit and we work together to discover what that looks like.

Our philosophy is about supporting the full human experience through
space, materials, light and function.

We use eastern philosophies of space (feng shui, vastu shastra, the chakras) as well as color theory, biphilia, and the five elements to inform our choices.

Designing from the perspective of how spaces can enhance the
physical, emotional and spiritual health of inhabitants,
our approach is utterly PRACTICAL and designs are profoundly livable.

With the intention of supporting a balanced individual, our designs play with DUALITIES:
prospect v refuge,complexity v order, light v dark, inside v outside, public v private.

They are also extremely PERSONAL as they relate to location, culture and individual.

Finally, we prioritize sustainability with a focus on how the embodied energy of the built environment can be saved by making changes to existing structures rather than starting from new. We welcome the challenge of making something past its time work for
today’s style and practical needs.
Little Mangum Studios
About Us
Our goal is to have very satisfied customers, so customer service is our top priority.